Welcome to the Fair Catch! This site focuses on research of sports-related topics. We focus mostly on college football, specifically our beloved Florida Gators, as that is our first love. However, professional football, college basketball and baseball, NBA, and pretty much any other sport will be discussed and researched as a topic related to them comes up. At the Fair Catch, we interact with our followers to come up with research questions about teams, players, coaches- anything. We think of things to research. You think of things to research. Once we get an idea, we take it from there.

This site is for fans who want to really know what is going on. There are so many clichés and repetitiveness in so many sports blogs. We challenge all those. Does defense really win championships? How important is recruiting success, in quantifiable terms, to winning? Is Tebow the greatest (yes, next question)? Come in, chat with us, state your curiosity, and we will figure it out!

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