Welcome to the Fair Catch! This is a blog about the Florida Gators. We are primarily interested in college football. The focus is on statistical analyses of various items of interest that relate to college football, recruiting, and the games themselves. Let us know if you have any ideas/curiosities that might make a good research project.

If we have screwed something up mathematically or methodologically, simply contact us and let us know and we will revisit. Our goal here is to generate an informed back-and-forth with other Gators fans, and feedback is greatly appreciated. We certainly can’t think of everything all by ourselves, so we need your input!

Go Gators.

For non-Gators, if you have a research question for us, just let us know. We intend to branch out and include the NFL, other colleges, and even other sports. Sports analytics is becoming a thing, and the more chances we get to engage in an interesting analysis, we certainly will take advantage of that.

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