WLOCP hangover?Florida, yes. UGA, no.

From Reddit user agage3

“Our performance after a WLOCP game win compared to our performance after a WLOCP loss. I swear when we lose our season just tanks but when we win that game we ride the wave to consecutive late season wins.”

To see if UF truly has a hangover after a loss at the WLOCP, I reviewed the results of the game since from 1998-2017. I looked at how Florida and Georgia each did the following week as well as for the rest of the season. Florida has gone one to win 64% of their games overall after the WLOCP in that time frame with Georgia winning 75%.  While, the game itself tends to go our way, we fair worse afterwards.

fl vs ga

For the statistically-interested, an independent samples t-test was conducted to determine if the mean winning percentage between the two was statistically significant. The results are statistically significant at the a= .10 (p= 0.82). Levene’s test was not significant, thus equal variances were assumed. Effect size was small to medium (r²=0.08).

Takeaway, though not strongly significant (typical a level is 0.05, and medium effect size for r² is 0.09), the dwags have had slightly more success after the WLOCP over the last 20 years, but Florida has the advantage where it counts: head to head and championships.

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