Who is the likely SEC coach of the year (CotY)? Some data for you to decide.

Upon analyzing a teams’ talent level, as defined by the 247 Composite ratings for each team roster and their conference win percentage this year compared to last year (‘turnaround’), I compiled standardized scores for each team. I will revisit the numbers after the regular season and each team has completed their conference schedule, but this is a look at how things are with two weeks left.

coty 1

What you’re looking at here is the list of teams ranked in order of winning percentage compared to roster talent. Kentucky has the highest achievement score with 1.37. The closer a team is to zero, the less of a disparity between results and talent- they won at the expected level for their talent on hand. If a score is between -0.1 and 0.1, then they are doing what they generally should be doing. If a team has a larger positive number, they are winning beyond their talent level. If they have a larger negative number, the wins aren’t matching their respective talent and therefore underachieving.

The other metric considered is turnaround. This is simply this year’s conference winning percentage compared to last years. Did a team improve, and if so, how much? These are two straightforward metrics for analysis that give some statistical empiricism to judging who should be the SEC CotY.

coty 2

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