Factors related to winning percentage in the top 20 most talented college football teams

The number of 4-star players on the roster are most strongly correlated with winning percentage for the 2018 teams in the top 20 talent ratings. Here are how some factors correlate to win percentage:

Five-star players: 28.1%


Four-star players: 59.8%


Three-star players: negative 18.2% (the higher the number of 3-stars, the less you win).


Blue-chip percentage: 48.8%


Talent rating: 43.7%


However, when you go one step further and look at the strength of schedule ratings (Sagarin), SOS takes the cake:

SOS: negative 62.8% (the weaker the schedule, the more you win)


Total Blue-chips (4 and 5-stars) 54.4%:


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