Breaking down the 2020 recruiting class- March

This is a continuation of last month’s breakdown. To get an understanding, I am tracking the changes in recruiting leans (from 247 composite CB/commits) over the next 12 months to record the amount of fluctuation that occurs in a recruiting season. Here are this month’s tables:



The list above depicts the 71 teams that are considered a ‘lean’ by 247 Crystal Ball predictions for at least one of the top rated 1000 players in the 2020 high school football class. Inevitably, someone will argue that it is way too early to predict anything and that the CB forecasts are garbage. I’m not arguing against any of that. I’m interested in how much fluctuation this ‘market’ undergoes throughout the year. This way I’ll know when handwringing (which I don’t do) over a recruit’s decision to play college football is appropriate.

Here is a current look at how the leans favor Florida:


One interesting thing I noticed is that the Gators are trending for 100% of the 5-stars from the state of Florida. There’s only one (Bowman), but whatever. I would think more would be from Florida. Here is how the numbers look by state:




Interesting stuff. To me anyways…

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