Florida’s Feleipe Franks performance variance in 2018.

Franks ended the 2018 season playing well. This graphic shows how he did throughout the season relative to his own performance, game by game.


The blue line through the middle is the average for Feleipe across several categories of passer statistics. Games with results below the line were below average (for FF). Used here were attempts, completion percentage, yards, touchdowns, and interceptions. The number of completions wasn’t included, as they would be redundant with the completion percentage. Each category was standardized, with each total standard score summed to give a full picture of how FF did game to game.


The column on the far right is Franks’ total score for that game when standardized against his full-season performance. The scores bolded are for games against relatively crappy teams, so it puts some of his performance in context.

Also, no rushing stats are used here- only passing. I would use rushing stats, but since college football counts sacks against the rushing total, it messes it up. Lost yardage to sacks should be a completely different statistic and not count against passing or rushing in my view, but I digress…


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