Tracking 2021: A really early look at the top 1000 recruits.

Now that 2020 recruiting drama is (mostly) in the books, it is (not quite) time to turn our attention to next year. Here is a snapshot of how the 2021 class is shaping by state* and by position. I started tracking these ratings (Composite 247) last year for the 2020 class right after signing day and plan on doing the same this year.

State Breakdown


At the state level (above), we can see that Texas is in the early lead in terms of the overall number of recruits in the top 1000 and highest overall average rating. Florida only slightly trails (hometown is used to determine origin, not school played for. As such, academies like IMG do not skew results).

Position Breakdown


At the position level, WR is dominating the count, but OT has the most 5-stars. WDEs are the highest rated on average.  It’ll be interesting to see how much change we see over the course of the next year. At thing point, however, it looks like Texas is set for a stellar class and there are some excellent OTs, DTs, and Pro-style QBs to shop for in 2021.


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