Blue-Chip Recruit Migration 2020 and THE Florida Gators.

With the 2020 recruiting cycle almost in the books, I reflected upon the migratory patterns of the elusive Blue-Chip Recruit (BCR) with a focus on how it relates to the state of Florida and more specifically, the University of Florida.

First up, I wanted to see how the committed (does not include uncommitted recruits as of January 10, 2020) BCRs are distributed (as of Christmas, 2019). Here is the geographic breakdown according to the Composite ratings:

overall BC count 2020

Ok, cool. Florida is doing its thing here. Next, I wanted to see how many of these commits were staying in-state or migrating elsewhere:

exporte bcrs

So, out of the 57 BCRs from the state of Florida, 31 of them have been exported (54%). How well does that compare to the other states? Let’s look:

perc exports

The above map shows the percentage of BCRs that are exported from each state(Of note, states that have no information on them didn’t produce any BCRs, whereas states with a 0.00 percent produced at least one BCR but that recruit didn’t leave the state). Here is a table of how each state that exported a BCR breaks down:

all state export


Now, I wanted to look at how each state is importing BCRs, as just looking at exporting doesn’t provide a good understanding of the overall migratory patterns. The map below shows how many BCRs were imported by state:

total imports 2020

And the net difference between imports and exports:

net bcrs

Florida had the largest number of BCRs migrate away from the state. South Carolina, Alabama, and Ohio had the largest influx of BCRs (not coincidentally the homes of Clemson, Alabama, Auburn, and Ohio State).

It is plain to see that the state of Florida is getting poached heavily from schools in other states. But does this mean UF is not handling their business or is it simply because FSU and Miami suck and once Florida fills its class, the rest of the quality BCRs are simply avoiding the Seminoles and ‘Canes? I took a quick look to see if UF is taking care of business in the state:

in state keeps

Out of the 26 BCRs that remained in the state, UF had the most and the highest rated on average, as the chart above shows. This is good. Now, I wanted to see if UF was holding its own against other states when it comes to recruiting the state of Florida.

florida bcrs for all states

All in all, UF, is doing pretty good here. They are retaining a lot of highly-rated recruits. The above table shows, however, that Alabama, LSU, Clemson, Georgia, and surprisingly Nebraska are all having some success picking up good players from Florida (thanks, Bowman).

UF is also importing players at a good clip. Here is a comparison of the big 3:

state of florida imports

FL imports breakdown

Ultimately, it looks as if UF recruiting is going fine. The state of Florida produces a significant amount of football talent, as is well-documented. Schools from all over are going to get in on that. However, UF is doing its fair share to retain talent and they are also picking up good talent from out of state.

As always, if you see any errors, just let me know. I’ve also broken all of this down by position and ratings, but that will have to wait for another post. Until then, Go Gators.

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